Extra Virgin Olive oil

We produce a superior category extra virgin olive oil with an excellent smooth flavor but with limited production at south-eastern Peloponnese. To achieve the best results, we take care of our product paying attention at all steps of production. That way we make sure our olive oil has a fine taste and aroma that makes waiting worthwhile each olive crop year.

Extra virgin olive oil T elia – The Olive Oil has gone beyond perfecting an old tradition. We are guided by local olive oil specialists as well as by an international tasting expert thus we produce a unique olive oil with the most interesting flavors to complement your dishes and salads.

Learn more about Extra Virgin Olive oil and the requirements it should meet in order to be classified as such.

At the following link you can find the chemical analysis of T elia Olive Oil and what makes it special. Learn more about our product.

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T elia – the olive oil

Olive oil as it should be!