T Extra Virgin Olive oil! Buy now We produce the olive oil elia AWARDED PRODUCT! extra παρθένο ελαιόλαδο. Συσκευασία 750ml superior category! Extra Virgin Olive Oil buy now pure, traditional, AWARDED PRODUCT! extra virgin olive oil Olive oil as it should be! Buy now AWARDED PRODUCT!

Excellent taste and sustainability

We produce a pure, traditional Extra Virgin Olive oil of superior category with an excellent flavor.

Health Benefits

Health benefits of olive oil are incomparable and medical research discovers new beneficial properties every day.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taste, aroma and natural ingredients contained in Extra Virgin Olive oil are sealed and preserved in a 100% recyclable and reusable packaging...

Fine taste and aroma

We focus, through the constant care of our olive grove and sustainable development, on producing one of the finest Extra Virgin Olive oils in...


What we do

We produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We produce a superior category extra virgin olive oil with an excellent smooth flavor but with limited production at south-eastern Peloponnese.

To achieve the best results, we take care of our product paying attention at all steps of production. That way we make sure our olive oil has a fine taste and aroma that makes waiting worthwhile each olive crop year.


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Our story

Olive growing
The 2nd generation
Premium olive oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The family’s first generation led by grandfather Giorgakis begins growing different varieties of olive trees at the foothills of Parnon.
Τhe family grows and takes care of the olive grove while grandfather is fishing in his spare time.
The second generation  takes care of the olive trees and produces table olives and olive oil.

The family hands over to the third generation, who looks after the olive grove that is composed of the varieties Manaki, Agriomanako and Koroneiki.

Today we produce, package and distribute extra virgin olive oil with an incredibly fine taste and aroma.
T elia Olive Oil. Olive oil as it should be!


when the magic of the olive
lands on your table

The product

Extra Virgin Olive oil

We produce a pure, traditional,superior category extra virgin olive oil with an excellent smooth flavor.

Excellent taste and sustainability

We implement an integrated administration and control system contributing to the sustainability cycle system.

Superior category

Extra Virgin Olive oil T elia Olive Oil is a superior category olive oil, ideal for accompanying fish, meat, vegetables and salads.

Perfect balance

Extra Virgin Olive oil T elia Olive Oil has a perfect balance of taste and aromas.

Fine taste

The taste, the aroma and the natural ingredients of T elia Olive Oil  are preserved unchanged. 

New harvest

New harvest Extra Virgin Olive oil.


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Health Benefits


Fights cancer

Natural ingredients and compounds contained in olive oil can reduce the risk of developing cancer.

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Prevents blood clotting

Can reduce risk of heart attack and stroke as well as improve blood coagulation.

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Supports better digestion

Extra virgin olive oil helps digestion. Even though it is rich in calories, it has been proven that it helps reduce obesity levels.

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Improves memory

It helps improve memory, since antioxidants of olive oil have a reverse impact on memory impairment related to memory loss diseases.

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Reduces levels of cholesterol

It has been proven that extra virgin olive oil reduces levels of cholesterol. Health benefits of olive oil include reduction of cholesterol levels...

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Prevents heart attacks

Reduces the risk of heart attack as it is one of the healthiest types of oils and fats in our diet.  

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Which are the health benefits of olive oil?
Which are the health benefits of olive oil?

Olive oil means a lot to us. It is our favorite occupation, our hobby but also our favorite nutritional supplement. We want to know everything...

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Welcome to our website
Welcome to our website

T elia, the olive oil. T elia stands for prefect olive. Or else Thoma’s olive (Thoma’s elia), but I will let this twofold message hanging just to...

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