Prevents blood clotting

It has been proven that Extra Virgin Olive oil can help prevent unwanted blood clotting. Olive oil can reduce risk of heart attack and stroke and improves blood coagulation.

Vitamin Κ

It can be found in high amounts in green leafy vegetables and olive oil. It has been named after the German word “Koagulation” which means coagulation. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that produces proteins required for normal blood coagulation and healthy bones.

According to Harvard’s School of Public Health, Vitamin K is involved in the production of four of the thirteen proteins involved in normal blood clotting.

Platelets and thrombosis

Blood clotting is a necessary natural process. After an injury there is an increased number of platelets, whose function is to react to bleeding from blood vessel injury by clumping, thereby initiating a blood clot.

An unnecessary high platelet count can increase the risk of thrombosis (blood clots inside blood vessels), which stops blood from flowing properly.

According to research, extra virgin olive oil prevents dangerous blood clots.  Lab experiments have shown that phenols contained in olive oil can help prevent blood clot formation. Phenols have great antioxidative properties.

The research

In a clinical research with the participation of 21 volunteers with high cholesterol, doctors from Spain, studied the effect of extra virgin olive oil on clot and thrombosis mechanisms in the human body.

For a week, volunteers consumed for breakfast white bread along with extra virgin olive oil rich in phenols (400 ppm). In the second phase of the study, volunteers had for breakfast white bread with olive oil poor in phenols (80 ppm) for a week.

The volunteers’ blood analysis, done to examine clotting factors, has shown:

  1. Two hours after breakfast with olive oil rich in phenols, factor VII that promotes blood clotting and formation of thrombosis, was significantly reduced.When volunteers consumed breakfast with olive oil poor in phenols, this reduction was smaller.
  2. Similar differences have been found for another blood clotting factor, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1.

The researchers’ conclusions support the beneficial properties of olive oil for the heart and cardiovascular system. Moreover, we can understand better the mechanisms through which olive oil benefits us.

At this point, we shall highlight the fact that not all olive oils are equally beneficial for our health. Extra virgin olive oil is richer in antioxidative compounds, and that is why its benefits against many diseases are so important.


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