Prevents heart attacks

Extra Virgin Olive oil helps prevent heart attack as it is one of the healthiest types of oils and fats in our diet.  


Researchers from Cleveland Clinic and studies of the NYU Medical school led by Sean P. Heffron found that  consuming olive oil at least once a week is related with lower platelet activity in adults.

Platelets are fragments of cytoplasm and are involved in blood clotting and formation of thrombosis. These blood clots can obstruct the flow of blood through the arteries, which will finally lead to a heart attack.


The above correlation led researchers to the conclusion that regular intake of olive oil can reduce the risk of a heart attack.

The research suggests that choosing olive oil can help modify this risk and perhaps reduce the threat of heart attack or stroke for obese people.

Sean P. Heffron – Assistant Professor at NYU Medical School  

Olive oil is beneficial for our heart because of the phenols it contains. Clinical research has shown that substances oleocanthal and oleiacein, contained in olive oil are effective for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Frying with Olive oil

A study at the University of Madrid came to yet another interesting conclusion. That frying with olive oil does not increase risk of heart disease. According to their publication at the British Medical Journal,

In a Mediterranean country, where olive oil and sunflower oil are the most commonly used fat for frying and where large portions of fried food is consumed in and out of home, there was no relevance observed between consuming fried food and the risk of coronary heart disease or death.



Inflammation is another factor that affects cardiovascular health. According to Olive Oil Times, Dr Nikola Djordjevic from website  says that ingredients in olive oil have anti-inflammatory effects

One of the most important properties of οleic acid is that it reduces inflammation. This is beneficial for health of the arteries, as chronic inflammation can cause damages and lead to atherosclerosis.

Nikola Djordjevic –

In conclusion, olive oi plays an important role in prevention of heart attack and other heart diseases.

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