Improves memory

In the article titled “improve your memory in 8 simple steps” on the website  “health”,  we find in the 5th step the following advice:

Eat healthy. Add olive oil in your diet
Paraskevi Sakka , Neurologist – Head of Neurodegenerative Brain Diseases Department

Beneficial effect on brain health

Studies show that  a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil can prevent memory loss and cognitive decline. Specifically, some of the positive effects related to memory are the following:

  • boosting brain power.
  • slowing down progression of brain ageing process.
  • preventing frontotemporal dementia, which is a type of cognitive decline.
  • reducing development of neurodegenerative diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease

It is an irreversible neurodegenerative disorder related to age. Alzheimer’s disease slowly destroys memory and thinking skills.

It is the main cause of dementia with an estimated 44 million patients globally. An interesting fact is that only 5% of Alzheimer’s total cases is due to genetic mutations. Causes of the rest 95% of the cases remain unknown, whlie an effective therapy has not been developed yet.

The research

The research group led by professor of pharmacology and microbiology Domenico Praticò in Medical school Lewis Katz at Temple University published the study, methods, results and conclusions in the scientific online library Wiley Online Library. He found that daily intake of extra virgin olive oil is related with the frequency of Alzheimer’s disease development.

The results of the study show that extra virgin olive oil seems to have a beneficial effect on preventing the disease. Researchers note that “extra virgin olive oil could be considered as a sustainable therapeutic opportunity for preventing or stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s disease”.

Extra virgin olive oil has been part of human diet for a long time and has many health benefits, for reasons we do not fully understand yet. Realising that extra virgin olive oil can protect the brain form different types of dementia gives us the opportunity to learn more about the mechanisms that support the brain’s health.
Domenico Praticò, professor of pharmacology and microbiology at Temple University

Extra virgin olive oil improves memory

Adding extra virgin olive oil in our diet improves memory and prevents dementia development. Note that the above conclusions  so far consider extra virgin olive oil  beneficial as means of prevention of the disease.

in continuation of their studies, the research group plans to study the effect of olive oil on patients that have already developed symptoms in order to determine potential benefits for people who already suffer from the disease.

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