Health Benefits

Olive oil as it should be!

Extra virgin olive oil T elia Olive Oil, is a product rich in polyphenols. Because of those phenolic natural ingredients, it has a proven beneficial effect on skin protection against ageing.

It has protective properties and a positive effect on preventing heart disease, fighting infalmmations of our vascular system as well as oxidative stress.

Recent studies haves shown that it protects human body against Alzheimer’s disease and several other diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • Reduces risk of heart attack, as it is one of the healthiest types of oils and fats in our diet..
  • It helps improve memory, since antioxidants of olive oil have been proven to have a reverse impact on memory loss related to memory loss diseases.
  • It helps fight cancer. The natural ingredients and elements contained in olive oil, can reduce the risk of cancer, such as breast cancer, and prevent cancer reappearing.
  • It has been proven that it reduces cholesterol levels. Benefits of olive oil for human health include reduction of cholesterol level in our blood.
  • It has been proven that it helps digestion. Even though, it is rich in calories, extra virgin olive oil helps reduce levels of obesity.
  • Extra virgin olive oil can prevent blood clotting. Olive oil can reduce risk of heart attack and stroke as well as improve blood coagulation.

T elia – the olive oil

Olive oil as it should be!