Fine taste and aroma

Olive oil as it should be!

We focus, through the constant care of our olive grove and sustainable development, on producing one of the finest extra virgin olive oils in Greece, offering an incredibly exquisite flavor and aroma.

Over three generations, our family in south-eastern Peloponnese at the foothills of mountain Parnon, keeps love for quality and natural characteristics of extra virgin olive oil unchanged. Trying neither to add nor to remove anything other than what nature offers, we remain true to tradition and just “extract” the juice of freshly picked olives from our olive grove, offering a pure, traditional unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.

In our olive grove we grow olive trees of the varieties “manaki”, “agriomanako” and “koroneiki”. Since it’s a seaside olive grove it is sprinkled by the salty dewdrops of the Mirtoan sea which gives the land’ s microclimate its uniqueness giving aromas and an incredibly exquisite flavor to the olive oil.


T elia – the olive oil

Olive oil as it should be!