Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil as it should be!

We make sure that olives arrive at the olive press a few hours after harvesting. We produce our oil cold press retaining all its natural ingredients. Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is a pure olive oil which contains all its natural ingredients as well as thin water droplets contained in the fruit.

These tiny droplets give the olive oil its “cloudiness”. For the product series T elia olive oil we decided not to put fresh olive oil through a filtering or any other process but to allow a natural sedimentation. This way we retain all its nutritious characteristics because oil settles down and clears through natural sedimentation, without any technical process.


The presence of these tiny droplets of water is another proof of the originality and naturalness of the olive oil. Given that bioactive phenolic compounds interact with the substances used in technical sedimentation processes, unfiltered oils contain, on average, higher concentration of bioactive phenolic compounds than ordinary filtered oils.

Thereby flavor, aroma and natural ingredients of T elia Olive Oil extra virgin olive oil remain unchanged and are preserved in a 100% recyclable and reusable packaging, taking into consideration sustainability and the protection of the environment. This is the reason we call T elia Olive Oil a natural oil.

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T elia – the olive oil

Olive oil as it should be!