Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

T elia, the olive oil. T elia stands for prefect olive. Or else Thoma’s olive (Thoma’s elia), but I will let this twofold message hanging just to make room for clearer ones.

As that we produce one of the best olive oils you will ever taste. But let us start from the beginning.

I am Thomas. I am just another kid who grew up in the city but with childhood memories full of the aromas of the olive grove in the countryside. My story , regarding olive oil production starts from there. From the family’s 1st generation whose only occupation to make a living was producing olive oil.  Followed by the 2nd generation, who also continued as their main occupation.

Then the torch was passed to the 3rd generation, for whom producing olive oil was initially a hobby. A favorite hobby which brought the nostalgia of our childhood into our everyday life. Nostalgia for wild playing among the olive trees, the endless hours of grafting kai the passing on of the art from the grandfather to the grandchild. Nostalgia for the harvesting feast, the smell of the old oil mill along with the taste of different gold juices wandering in the air, giving us over the years the knowledge of identifying which flavor accompanied each smell, the oil that has created it and the process that has been followed.

Profession: farmer

It was a matter of time. This hobby kept us busy several days a year and thinking about it many more. Traditional know-how was brought together with modern scientific knowledge, while quality of the olive oil kept improving. And there comes a moment, when -how can I say it- what you do is like singing.

You sing because it makes you feel better, but when it is good, when you are moved, you want to sing it loudly for all the world to hear.

So, the world needs to know this olive oil.

And so, we began introducing it to the people, at first in a small circle and soon, really soon actually, in a bigger and bigger one. Production is still limited, but product is always available for consumers who can appreciate pure extra virgin olive oil.

The website

The next step came naturally. Our introduction to a broader public who seeks good olive oil. We decided to make our first online presence and it will be a great joy when we receive the first reactions, the first feedback from you, about your experience when tasting our olive oil.

For now, we, from our part, have prepared the means for introducing you – maybe for the first time- to extra virgin olive oil. Visit our website, browse it, and get to know our product. It would be a pleasure to have you around.  

We want it.

P.S. Fidem company helped us create and organize this website. I would like to thank them once again!

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