Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6 bottles x 750ml


Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 6 bottles x 750ml . Economy pack of 6 bottles of 750ml with a 10% discount.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil  T elia – The Olive Oil, is a full-bodied premium olive oil with a strong green fruity flavor. Its aroma combines notes of freshly cut olive fruit , fresh grass and a touch of artichoke. Its flavor has a slightly spicy and elegant bitterness, with a smooth peppery aftertaste.

Characteristics- Values 

  • Acidity: 0,24%
  • Κ270: 0,116
  • Κ232: 1,619
  • Peroxide: 5,4 meq 02/kg
  • Delta-K: -0,003
  • Biophenols as tyrosol: 272

Additional information

Weight 6,9 kg
Dimensions 19,5 × 13 × 32 cm


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